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Q. What is the most common cause of a blocked drain?
A. 95% of all blockages are caused by tree roots. See image below.


Q. How far can tree roots reach?
A. Tree roots can reach a radius of approximately 2.5 times the height of the tree and in some rare cases up to 5 times the height of the tree. See image below.

Q. What else can be the cause of the blockage?
A. Below are some of the reasons for blocked pipes:

Solidified grease
from oils, fats and food scraps that have been washed down the drain. Hair, body fats, oil, dirt and built up soap scum can also cause this type of blockage.

Foreign objects
tampons, condoms, toilet bowl mounted deodorizers & children’s toys are among the more common causes of blockages in drainage pipes. These foreign objects can travel down the drainage system until getting lodged in a bend or caught on an internal burr in a pipe fitting or joint.

Crushed or broken pipes
ground movement caused by external forces such as vehicular traffic, recent excavation, ground saturation due to heavy rain fall, soil type & ground compaction over time can lead to pipes being completely crushed or sheered off causing blockages.

Paper blockage
a surprising amount of blockages can be caused by the paper that has been flushed down the toilet. This is particularly common where the drainage system has an inadequate amount of fall which allows the waste water to slowly get away leaving the solids and paper behind to dry out and harden. The process then happens again on the next flush thus compounding the problem. A paper blockage may also be caused by simply using and flushing large amounts of toilet paper.

Q. How can the drain be cleaned ?
A. Below are some of the methods used to clean the pipes:

High pressure drain cleaner or “jetter”
high pressure drain cleaner or “jetter”- this is the latest technology in drain cleaning. Using high pressure water it is the fastest and most effective way to clear the most severely blocked drain. Additives may also be applied to the jetter supply tank so as to aid the drain cleaning process.

Electric eel
old school technology that is more time consuming & less effective than drain jetting. This process may cause damage to pipes in the drain cleaning process.

Hand rods
this is the manual version of the electric eel, effective in clearing minor blockages.

Minor blockages maybe able to be cleared using this common tool.

Chemical drain cleaners
caustic soda & “draino” style products can be very effective on minor blockages.

Q. After the drain is cleared how can I know what was causing the blockage?
A. A cctv video drainage inspection is the easiest and most conclusive way to easily find the cause of the blockage.

Q. How long will the drain remain clear after cleaning?
A. This is hard to pin point as there is many variables that affect when or if the blockage will return. If your drains are blocked with tree roots for example, this will depend on such factors as location of the drain, the extent of the damage to pipes, the size and species of tree, soil type, aggressiveness of the tree roots & the usage rate of the drainage system etc...  

Q. How do I stop tree roots getting back in my pipes?
A. After the drain is cleaned and a cctv inspection has revealed the cause and location of the blockage the following options are available:

Pipe replacement
pipe replacement- dig up broken section of pipe and replace

Pipe relining
latest technology available, sleeves the broken pipe internally requiring no major dig up. Perfect for jobs with limited or no access.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Obviously this depends on how severe the problem is. The cost for clearing a blocked drain starts from as little as $100+gst

Tree Root Inhibitor Treatment
How often do I need to treat?
Anual treatment is required for ongoing treatment prevention.


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